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Welcome To Life Flight Virtual

Posted by John Roque on 07/07/2017

We are a virtual Medical/Offshore transportation organization within flight simulation community by providing critical care transportation to ill or injured patients in a safe, compassionate, efficient, and expeditious manner. We are recruiting new pilots, apply today!

We use Return to Misty Moorings (RTMM) Medical Dispatches and supporting scenery for our Emergency Medical flights.  The required RTMM scenery and dispatch information is freeware and is available to download at  The folks at RTMM have been gracious partners in our effort to bring you the most realistic emergency medical/life flight experience possible.  The RTMM sceneries are compatible with the Orbx SAK, PNW, and PFJ, as well as the Tongass X scenery packages.   Detailed installation instructions are available at the RTMM website, the RTMM forum, and, we will provide assistance when possible (just send an email to the Admin folks).